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Stewardship and Management of the Historic Tupper Boathouse on North Sea Harbor

The North Sea Maritime Center (NSMC) is a nonprofit that aims to preserve Southampton’s maritime heritage through educational and recreational programs. On Friday, December 1, 2022, the Town of Southampton signed an agreement with the NSMC authorizing NSMC to become the steward for the Historic Tupper Boathouse. 

The signing of the License Agreement between the Town of Southampton and the NSMC for the Stewardship and Management of the Tupper Boathouse is the culmination of many years of work of a dedicated group of local residents. Under the Stewardship, the North Sea Maritime Center will begin fundraising for the facility and planning the future programming for the community to enjoy. 

Excerpts include the following entities: 

"WHEREAS, the mission of NSC is to provide interpretive, educational, and recreational programs to increase awareness and relevance of historical and contemporary maritime activities, the Tupper family, and the history of North Sea Harbor;


  • It is anticipated that the NSMC will partner with local, historic, environmental, youth, and similar groups to offer various programs - such as Southampton History Museum, sea scouts, nature walks, workshops, lectures, educational boating excursions, historical tours, environmental sustainability, etc. - year-round.


  • Steward will also have specific authority to enter into contracts and agreements with the Southampton History Museum, including the use of space in the Tupper Boat House for exhibits and programming.


  • Steward… shall have the limited right to make the Premises available for use to individuals or organizations for meetings, receptions, rehearsals, seminars, events, fundraising, and such creative and/or educational pursuits as may be appropriate, which shall comply in all respects... with what permits, if any.


  • Allow NSMC to offer 'Naming Fundraising' such as naming rooms, brick pavers, etc. Subject to Town Board approval.


  • To further support Steward's fundraising, Town will work with Steward to provide naming rights to bricks, plaques, signs, events, rooms, donor walls, and landscaping, subject to coordination and approval of the Town Board."

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